Make a Donation

Make a donation in your pets honor, to PAWS of Greenwich today, and help us make Greenwich, CT and the greater Fairfield County area
 a welcoming pet-friendly community.

Charitable donations will help our organization provide a healthier, cleaner and happier community for our furry four-legged friends. From revitalizing the Greenwich Dog Park on Grass Island, helping support local animal rescues and the local Greenwich Animal Shelter, to developing community programs and initiatives that help promote pet ownership as well as the importance that animals bring into one's life and community as a whole.



PAWS of Greenwich
15 East Putnam Avenue, #111
Greenwich, Connecticut 06830

Your generous donation will kindly support our ongoing efforts to revitalize Greenwich's Grass Island Dog Park and our hopes to one day build a new cleaner and safer dog park in Greenwich!

  • Filter and seal soil infiltrated with glass and metal rubble from landfill land

  • Appropriate solar lighting as there are no lights at the park

  • Fence screen and hedges to mask view of water treatment plant and smell

  • Design and install official
    Grass Island Dog Park sign

  • Creation of a third "time out" section to the dog park

  • Tools to fix fencing around the park

  • Waste stations for large dog park side and exterior

  • Creation of a third "time out" section to the dog park

  • Create shaded areas for dogs and owners to block the sun

  • Lawn care supplies (rakes, shovels, etc.)

  • Sod, grow and maintain the grass

  • Trees, shrubs and flowers