What we're barking about...

our mission

PAWS of Greenwich is a non-profit organization and a collective of dog lovers, working to make Greenwich, CT and the greater Fairfield County area, a paw-some, pet-friendly community. Funds raised will support Grass Island Dog Park revitalization efforts and other local pet-friendly initiatives and animal welfare causes in the community.


  • Revitalize Greenwich's Grass Island Dog Park - the town's only legal off-leash dog park - through volunteer park cleanups, new plantings of trees and bushes, fixing the fence and making other changes in an effort to attract more residents to use a cleaner and safer park
  • Promote Greenwich, CT as a welcoming pet-friendly community, in an effort to attract new residents considering moving into the area
  • Promote local pet-friendly businesses, that welcome furry friends
  • Encourage pet-friendly housing in the area to cater to pet owners needs
  • Support local animal rescue efforts including the Greenwich Animal Control at 393 North Street in Greenwich, CT
  • Partner with local organizations to promote pet-related educational and therapeutic programs
  • Work collaboratively with the town of Greenwich, dog owners and dog walking companies to communicate the importance of dog park rules, leash laws, dog licenses, etc.
  • Act as an online resource for new and current residents to find information about pet-friendly businesses, services and local pet laws


  • Over 50,000 pet owners in the town of Greenwich, and only one unkept dog park, located next to sewage treatment plant
  • 70% of apartment seekers search for pet-friendly apartment housing via Apartments.com
  • Approximately 75% of Americans in their 30’s has dogs, according to a survey released by research firm Mintel
  • Since 1996 the pet industry has grown three-fold, to $63 billion
  • Off leash dog parks are community centers, offering residents the opportunity to socialize, share ideas and truly create a sense of community
  • Clean, safe and attractive off-leash dog parks where residents can legally exercise their dogs, will decrease off-leash complaints


A Note from our Founder


In September 2016, on a chilly afternoon, in the midst of a heartbreaking divorce, I visited a small animal shelter in the heart of the Adirondacks, in upstate New York. It was here that I took the plunge and rescued a precious southern mutt, whom I appropriately named "Hope." Little did I know, that this small, lovable pup... would in return RESCUE me and bring HOPE back into my life.

Life with Hope opened new doors for me in so many ways. Loving her and having her love in return, helped me learn how to love myself again.

You see, Hope gave me purpose, responsibility, and structure. A reason to get out of the bed in the morning and a natural way to meet people - she is so darn cute! 

Jessica & Hope

Relatively new to the downtown Greenwich community and living in an apartment complex without a dog run, I was eager to find a dog park for her to socialize with fellow dogs and get the exercise I knew she needed. After searching online for nearby parks and resources for pet owners, I quickly realized there was little to no information - which was frustrating. I also found that there was only ONE legal off-leash area in all of Greenwich - Grass Island Dog Park, which had number of negative reviews from resident dog owners. Following my first "less-than positive" experience at the Dog Park (read my op-ed here) I knew I had to do something to help revitalize the park that Hope would soon call home.

A thriving social community, the park is frequented daily by dozens of active dog, their owners, walkers and sitters. A melting pot of all different backgrounds, these passionate dog lovers come together each day to celebrate the love for their dogs. This community welcomed me with open "paws" and I am grateful to call many of the dog walkers, owners and their pups my friends.  

After frequenting the park daily, and speaking to visitors about issues and concerns related to the park - location on a landfill, odor from the water treatment plant, glass and metal, dirt and mud, broken fences, overall appearance, etc. I leveraged my marketing skills and launched a Facebook Group page which quickly grew. In April 2016 I officially launched PAWS of Greenwich as a non-profit and had our first event - a Spring Spruce Up at the dog park. 

Today, PAWS is a thriving social community and pet owner resource. Our circle is actively involved in volunteering, maintaining the Grass Island Dog Park, promoting responsible pet ownership, partnering with area rescues and shelters, lobbying for dog walker rights, promoting adoptable pets, fostering, spay/neuter and much more.

It is my passion to work with the Town of Greenwich, residents and pet owners to promote the love and value that pets bring to our lives and our communities

Jessica Del Guercio