Iron Camp Greenwich Deadlift Party in Support of PAWS of Greenwich

PAWS of Greenwich is excited to announce that Iron Camp Greenwich is hosting their inaugural Deadlift Party on the evening of Friday, January 5 in support of our organization!

There will be a $25 registration fee for all participants. Register and reserve your spot at - limited to the first 30 experienced lifters. 

Lifters will go in order of their listed deadlift one rep max. There will be two warm-up stations. Once the bar is loaded, the lifter will have sixty seconds to start the deadlift.

About Iron Camp Greenwich
At Iron Camp, we believe deadlifts are the purest form of strength. It is also the most functional exercise we can do since we all pick things up off the ground! 

"Lower-back strength is an important component of sports conditioning. The ability to maintain a rigid lumbar spine under a load is critical for both power transfer and safety. The deadlift builds back strength better than any other exercise, bar none. And back strength built with the deadlift is useful: while the bar is the most ergonomically friendly tool for lifting heavy weights, a 405-pound barbell deadlift makes an awkward 85-pound box more manageable." - Mark Rippetoe